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Reviews from The Play That Goes Wrong

Evan had a wonderful year on the First National Tour of The Play That Goes Wrong. Sharing laughs with hundreds of thousands of audience members across North America was an incredible gift. Here's some of what the critics had to say about his performance...

“Evan Alexander Smith handles his role as Chris Bean with the timing of a well-seasoned John Cleese, and the looks of a young one....He is the cornerstone on which the rest of the performance is built.”

-Cybele Pomeroy, BWW Baltimore

“Evan Alexander Smith is funny, too. Best of all though is the attack on the audience. “You wouldn’t behave like this at the Goodman,” Smith rants like a spoiled English schoolboy as the world turns and the crowd starts to jeer. “Deep dish isn’t even proper pizza. Ha!””

-Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“Evan Alexander Smith was outstanding as Inspector Carter. His quick-wit and impressive improvisational skills caused the audience to belly laugh on numerous occasions.”

-Ashley Carbaley, BWW San Antonio

“As the unctuous head of the touring Drama Society's members, Smith is wonderfully droll and officious… The look of sheer terror in his eyes as the play devolves is delicious.”

-Jeffrey Ellis, BWW Nashville

Evan Alexander Smith (Chris Bean) has several hilarious moments where he gets to break the fourth wall and interact with the audience. Audience reactions are bound to differ each night, but Smith’s uncanny ability to roll with the punches and remain in character is remarkable.”

-Anne Simendinger, News Record Cincinnati

Evan Alexander Smith shines as Chris Bean with measured boldness and ever so amusing seriousness as the director, star and nearly every other position imaginable in the show’s credits.”

-Sandy Staggs, Carolina Curtain Call

“Evan Alexander Smith, who recently wowed audiences in Drury Lane’s ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’, stars as Chris Bean – who stars as Inspector Carter. Smith rolls with his chance to show off his comedic acting chops and puts forth a stellar performance “

-Ken Payne, Buzz Center Stage

“As our leading man, Evan Alexander Smith does a fine job of presenting a unique character, and yet, one that I know every thespian has met…Smith's interpretation of Chris Bean was spot on. It was also nice to see him stretch his improv skills.”

-Jon Bee, BWW Denver

Photo by Ryan Miller/Capture Imaging - Opening Night at The Ahmanson Theater, Los Angeles, July 10, 2019

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