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Evan is a versatile, Canadian-American voice actor - born and raised in Toronto, Canada, and currently located in New York City.

An award-winning and passionate storyteller, actor, and singer, as well as a skilled improvisor, and comedian, Evan possesses an expert facility for language, and an unmatched work ethic - honed over more than a decade performing on Broadway, and in theaters across North America.

A warm, fun, conversational, and honest and voice - Evan's knowledgeable, confident, and articulate delivery is well-suited to a variety of genres; from commercial and animation, to corporate narration and e-learning.

Real people, and fully imagined characters - all courtesy of your friendly neighborhood millennial.

Ready to collaborate on your next project? Get in touch today for a free consultation or audition.

Professional Home Studio

Evan has a broadcast quality home studio, capable of providing you with professional grade audio in 24 hours or less.

Available remotely for live directed sessions via:

-Source-Connect Standard

 (ID: SecondRoomStudio)

-Google Chat/Google Voice

-Microsoft Teams

-Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Telephone, etc.

...and more by request!

Connection Info:



   -Sennhesier MKH 416

   -Audio-Technica AT4040

Interface: MOTU M2

Computer: M2 Macbook Air

DAW: Reaper

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Bruce Kronenberg

Elizabeth Bunnell

Jen Sukup

Bryant Falk

Nazia Chaudhry

Debra Sperling

Paul Liberti

David Goldberg

Anna Garduno

Second Room Studio

Need both a male and female voice for your project? Look no further than Second Room Studio, a husband and wife team comprised of professional voice actors Sarah Tranchina and Evan Alexander Smith. Together, Sarah and Evan are able to offer a much faster turnaround than casting separate actors, as well as a consistent studio sound to guarantee continuity in your final mix.

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